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Trucking insurance protects you from the financial impacts of accidents and other events outside your control that involve any of the vehicles in your fleet.

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    What Is Truck Insurance?

    Trucking insurance is a type of financial protection designed for trucking businesses of all types and sizes. Trucking insurance consists of an array of policies from which you can choose to get the right coverage for your fleet.

    • Do you own a large fleet or are you starting up as an owner-operator?
    • Is your business intrastate, interstate, or cross-border?
    • What’s your mode of transport – tractor trailer, cargo van, dump truck, pickup?
    • Are you carrying refrigerated cargo or hazardous materials?

    There is trucking insurance to meet your needs.

    At SafeGuard Insurance Agency, we know the pressures you are under, and we want to take the worry out of getting your fleet properly insured. As a result, we offer fast, reliable, 24/7 service so you can get your certificate of insurance promptly.

    What Are The Types of Trucking Insurance?

    The trucking insurance you choose may include one or more of these types of coverages, or may include other coverages, depending upon your needs.

    Commercial Auto Liability

    Commercial auto liability insurance provides protection from the damages your business-owned vehicles cause in an accident. These include others’ property damage, and vehicle damage, as well as legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit.

    Physical Damage Insurance

    Physical damage insurance covers the expenses associated with damage to your vehicles as the result of accidents, theft, fire, or other events. Physical damage insurance can encompass several types of policies from which you can choose based on your needs.

    Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

    Motor truck cargo insurance protects you in the event that the cargo you are hauling is lost, stolen, or damaged while in your possession.

    Trucker’s General Liability

    General liability insurance for truckers covers expenses incurred from events that happen while your truck is off the road. For example, accidents that occur on a client’s property, or while loading and unloading will be covered by this type of insurance policy.

    Occupational Accident (Occ Acc)

    Occupational accident insurance for truckers provides protection for injuries or even death that occur while your employees are on the job.

    Cross-Border Insurance

    Cross-border insurance provides protection while your trucks are carrying cargo back and forth across the borders between two countries.

    Non-Trucking Liability

    Non-trucking liability insurance provides protection for damages that occur when the driver and/or truck are not on a job (e.g. An accident while a truck is being used for personal means by the driver).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn more about life insurance by exploring the answers to common questions, and then contact us for additional information.

    • Look at quotes side-by-side

      No more contacting multiple carriers to get comparable quotes. As a one-stop shop for insurance coverage, our experienced team gathers the very best deals for the customized coverage you need so you can choose from among many competitive offers. Easy-to-compare quotes and tailored coverage make getting the right insurance easy.

    • Consider more than price

      As a full-service insurance agent, SafeGuard is committed to tailored insurance solutions. No more finding quotes that offer too much or too little coverage. No more comparing quotes based only on price. Our dedicated team finds the solutions you need so you can look beyond price to get total peace of mind.

    • What types of trucking insurance are required?

      Certain types of insurance, most commonly general liability, are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and/or state law. Your insurance agent can help you choose insurance that fulfills your legal obligations.

    • How do I know which additional coverages to purchase?

      In addition to your required insurance coverage, you may want additional coverage to protect your fleet. Your insurance agent can evaluate your situation and recommend coverage that meets your requirements.

    • Does my auto insurance cover my commercial trucks?

      No, private auto insurance will not protect your commercial vehicles. Trucking insurance is the best way to protect your truck or fleet from accidents, theft, fire, damage, and other incidents.

    • Reevaluate your coverage with life changes

      Life happens. When it does, your insurance needs may change. What life changes may lead to insurance changes? Marriage, divorce, home renovations, purchasing or selling a house, starting a business, buying a luxury item or vehicle, getting a pet, and more. Here at SafeGuard, our professional team is ready to adapt your coverage at any time. Just give us a call!

    • Weigh the benefits and discounts

      With multiple competitive quotes to choose from, you can easily compare the benefits, discounts, and prices of each to find the very best deal. Our team uses our established relationships with carriers to get you the lowest rates and the most favorable discounts. All you have to do is consider your options to find the perfect insurance solution for you.

    • How can I lower my trucking insurance premiums?

      Some factors may help to keep your trucking insurance premiums low: Good driving records, new trucks, safety features, and more can all positively impact your rates. Your insurance agent can help you get some of the discounts and deals for which you are eligible.

    • Is towing included in my trucking insurance?

      Yes, towing is likely to be included in your trucking insurance policy. Ask your agent to help ensure that this is part of your policy if having it is important to you.

    • Will trucking insurance cover border crossings?

      Not every policy will automatically protect your fleet when they drive into another country. If you want to protect your trucks when they are crossing borders, you may need to purchase cross-border insurance.

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