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Don’t travel far to get the insurance answers you need. We offer numerous policies and an approach that takes your needs into consideration – All right here in Mercedes to make it easy to get properly insured!

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    Insurance Close to Home

    Mercedes, rely on SafeGuard Insurance Agency for your all-encompassing insurance needs. We take care of your health, home, car and business needs. Serving the Mercedes community is our joy, and ensuring your utmost safety through our insurance coverage is our mission. Join us today and feel the security of being fully insured!

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    Looking for Comprehensive Coverage?

    Do you need more coverage than you can get through your current insurance carrier? Then it is time to switch. SafeGuard provides solutions for your unique lifestyle. From auto insurance to life insurance, from combination policies to coverage options – We give you total coverage for total peace of mind.

    Home Insurance

    Protect your home and all of your belongings with our customizable home insurance products.

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    Auto Insurance

    Protect your vehicles with auto insurance products that are affordable AND comprehensive.

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    Business Insurance

    Protect your business with insurance from our one-stop shop for everything from liability to income coverage.

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    Trucking Insurance

    Protect your fleet with a set of coverages designed for any situation you may face.

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    Bonds Insurance

    Enjoy peace of mind with our wide selection of bond insurance coverages.

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    Life Insurance

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones with life & health coverages that work for you.

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    Health Insurance

    Protect your health and finances with customizable and comprehensive health insurance products.

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    Boats Insurance

    Protect your boats with insurance policies tailored to boats and customized to you.

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    Insurance Agency You Can Trust

    Whether you seek auto, home, life, transportation, or business insurance, or a combination of other insurance options, SafeGuard Insurance Agency provides comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your unique lifestyle. As an independent full-service agency with various agents and locations across the Valley, we strive to provide you not just with full cover, but also with personalized service every step of the way. Our professional team is always on your side and remains dedicated to finding the best cover for your peace of mind.


    Why Choose SafeGuard

    We are the only independent insurance agency who delivers personalized service combined with years of experience every step of the way.
    With SafeGuard, you enjoy access to a one-stop shop designed to deliver the customized coverage you need on any insurance policy,
    from common policies to complex coverages.

    5-Star Rated

    Attentive Service

    SafeGuard agents are committed to quality customer
    care, which is why we address your insurance
    needs with the utmost professionalism.


    One-Stop Insurance

    Get any insurance policy through SafeGuard’s
    wide selection of coverage options.


    Years of Experience

    Every one of our agents leverages years of experience
    in insurance to provide you with expert guidance
    and the best solutions.


    Families Trust Us

    From basic auto insurance to complex business policies,
    we have created comprehensive, customized
    insurance solutions for over 20,000 families.

    Compare Companies Before
    Making a Choice

    Unlike major insurance carriers, our dedicated agents work for YOU. Our personalized insurance solutions draw from many different carriers, making it easy for you to compare companies and choose the solution that is right for you.

    • Look at quotes side-by-side

      No more contacting multiple carriers to get comparable quotes. As a one-stop shop for insurance coverage, our experienced team gathers the very best deals for the customized coverage you need so you can choose from among many competitive offers. Easy-to-compare quotes and tailored coverage make getting the right insurance easy.

    • Consider more than price

      As a full-service insurance agent, SafeGuard is committed to tailored insurance solutions. No more finding quotes that offer too much or too little coverage. No more comparing quotes based only on price. Our dedicated team finds the solutions you need so you can look beyond price to get total peace of mind.

    • Reevaluate your coverage with life changes

      Life happens. When it does, your insurance needs may change. What life changes may lead to insurance changes? Marriage, divorce, home renovations, purchasing or selling a house, starting a business, buying a luxury item or vehicle, getting a pet, and more. Here at SafeGuard, our professional team is ready to adapt your coverage at any time. Just give us a call!

    • Weigh the benefits and discounts

      With multiple competitive quotes to choose from, you can easily compare the benefits, discounts, and prices of each to find the very best deal. Our team uses our established relationships with carriers to get you the lowest rates and the most favorable discounts. All you have to do is consider your options to find the perfect insurance solution for you.

    Trusted Agency

    From transportation to business, health to life, clients trust us to find the insurance solutions they need. Read our success stories
    and contact an agent today to learn more about our ability to customize your quote to your requirements.

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