Auto Insurance Fraud and Theft Protection in South Texas

Auto Insurance Fraud and Theft Protection in South Texas


As a vehicle owner in South Texas, you have to be aware of the unfortunate reality of auto insurance fraud and theft. While losing your automobile to thieves is always a possibility, there are other potential problems that require your vigilance as well: Staged accidents, ballooning damages and injuries after a crash, and more. The good news is that there are proactive steps you can take to protect yourself. Here is a look at the best strategies for avoiding South Texas auto insurance fraud. 

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Secure your vehicle to discourage theft

Texas leads the country in vehicle thefts. And while certain cars are more vulnerable, you should never assume you are immune to losing yours. In order to discourage would-be thieves from targeting your vehicle, here are some steps you can take: 

Invest in anti-theft devices

Devices that make it more difficult to steal your vehicle can be helpful in preventing South Texas auto theft. Steering wheel locks, car alarms, and GPS tracking systems are all examples of effective anti-theft devices. Use any of these and you could also get a discount on your South Texas auto insurance. 

Park in well-lit areas

When you are out and about, particularly after dark, look for well-list areas to leave your vehicle. The more light there is around your car, the less likely it is that anyone will try to take it. If you have the option, choose a secure parking garage for added protection against theft. 

Stay alert when driving

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Accidents can happen quickly, but alert driving can help you anticipate potential problems before they result in South Texas auto insurance fraud. Here are some of the steps you can take to drive in a way that discourages fraud and theft. 

  • Follow the rules of the road. 
  • Maintain safe following distances. 
  • Obey all traffic laws. 
  • Stay aware of your surroundings. 
  • Manage your speed. 

Document everything after an accident

If you do experience an accident, there are steps you can take to protect yourself against South Texas auto insurance fraud. Primarily, you should focus on keeping records of everything that happens related to the incident. This includes

  • Taking photographs of the accident scene.
  • Getting a copy of the police report. 
  • Getting a copy of any witness statements.
  • Taking photos of vehicle damage and/or injuries. 
  • Exchanging insurance information. 

You should also promptly report the incident to your insurance company so they can begin the process of filing claims and exploring potential fraud, if the situation warrants it. 

Stay alert to fraudulent claims after an accident

After an accident, you should not assume that everything will proceed the way you expect. You could end up the victim of fraud if the others involved in the incident report injuries or damage that go beyond what happened during the accident. 

In order to avoid this problem, keep an eye on all of the medical statements, reports and claims that come through as a result of your accident and report any discrepancies to your insurance company immediately. In fact, take the time to report anything suspicious immediately so your insurance company can deal with it before it becomes a major problem. 

Choose a reliable insurance company

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Your insurance company can be a supportive partner in helping you to avoid, and handle, South Texas auto insurance fraud and theft. You just have to choose the right company. Ideally, you should choose an insurance company that has extensive experience handling fraud cases. 

In addition, choose an insurance company that can offer comprehensive auto insurance policies tailored to your needs. You may not want to settle for basic coverage. Additional coverage can help protect you against unexpected difficulties after an accident. The more coverage you have, the more protected you will be against fraudulent claims and expenses. 

If you want to avoid South Texas auto insurance fraud, choose SafeGuard Insurance Agency. We have years of experience offering not only comprehensive policies that work for your budget and needs, but we also have extensive experience in handling fraud. 

Thanks to our experience and to your dedication to providing you with proper insurance for total peace of mind, we have the tools to protect your vehicle now and help you navigate potential fraud if it occurs. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote.

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