5 Tips to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates in McAllen, Texas

5 Tips to Get the Best Car Insurance Rates in McAllen, Texas


Car insurance is an inevitable part of owning a car. While there are several advantages to it, things get troubling when the car insurance rates go up. That is, you pay a higher premium each month.

This can affect your monthly budget and make things more challenging.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get the best car insurance quotes in McAllen, Texas. By using the tips we have mentioned here, you can lower your premiums and enjoy a more affordable lifestyle.

1.    Drive better and carefully

The Texas Department of Insurance offers valuable advice on reducing car insurance costs. In their first point, “Ask for discounts,” they highlight criteria that insurance carriers in Texas consider for discounts. And the second criterion on the list is “Maintaining a good driving record.”

We couldn’t agree more.

One of the most effective ways to get the best car insurance quotes is to maintain a clean driving record. And you maintain a good driving record by driving more carefully on the road.

Your driving history, including past accidents, traffic violations, and at-fault claims, significantly impacts your premium. A clean record with no accidents or violations for a certain period (typically 3-5 years) translates to discounts on your premium with Progressive, as with most insurers. Conversely, a history of accidents, tickets, or DUIs will lead to a higher premium as you’re considered a higher risk.

Many insurance providers offer discounts for safe driving. These discounts may include good driver discounts, accident-free discounts, and defensive driving course discounts. A clean driving record often makes individuals eligible for these discounts.

You can claim them by asking for discounts from your insurance broker. But you can only ask for discounts if you have a clean driving record.

Therefore, the first step is to incorporate better driving habits and clean up your driving records. This can result in anywhere from 5-10% savings on car insurance rates.

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2.    Sign up for a driving monitoring program

Trackers are all around us. From our cellphones to laptops to home theatres, you can find those devices collecting and transmitting data. And these devices can help you lower your car insurance rates in McAllen, Texas. How?

A telematics or driving monitoring program involves installing a device in your car or using a smartphone app that collects data on your driving habits. The device collects a variety of data, including:

  • Mileage: How many miles you drive annually
  • Time of Day: When you typically drive (daytime, nighttime, rush hour)
  • Speed: Whether you maintain the speed limit or tend to speed
  • Braking: How often and how harshly you brake
  • Acceleration: How quickly you accelerate from a stop
  • Location: Where you drive (safer vs. high-risk areas)

Insurance carriers in Texas offer discounts if you drive fewer miles. Thus, it’s a better idea to drive less if possible. Unless necessary, you can opt for public transport, which would help cut down the total miles on your vehicle.

Driving during the daytime and less traffic hours also helps reduce insurance bills. Likewise, controlled driving speed, careful braking, and mindful acceleration help in that regard.

Texas follows a permissive rating system, allowing insurers more flexibility in setting rates based on various factors, including driving habits measured through telematics. Several car insurance McAllen companies, including Progressive, State Farm, and GEICO, have driving monitoring programs in place. So, make use of them to get the best car insurance rates.

3.    Shop around and review your options

Many times, people go with the first insurance broker they come across and sign a deal. Many of us receive referrals from friends and families and trust the broker to be the best for us. However, that’s not always the case (even though our friends want the best for us).

Instead, you need to obtain quotes from multiple brokers, compare, and negotiate like a pro.

Understand that each case is different. Your friend who forwarded you the broker’s details may own a different car, have a different driving habit, and have different coverage than yours. Thus, the broker is able to get the best deal for him/her. But the broker may not get the same deals for you and get you the same rates.

Different insurance providers offer different quotes for the same coverage. By collecting quotes from different insurance companies, you can compare prices and identify the most competitive options.

Also, some companies may provide better coverage options or discounts that align with your specific requirements. Getting multiple quotes allows you to customize your policy based on your preferences.

When prospecting insurance brokers, you need to do some research and gather basic details about them. This includes their founding date, founders, success stories, reviews, and achievements. You can even go through the most commonly asked auto insurance questions to understand things better. In most cases, the brokers have this info on their website.

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4.    Bundle insurance policies

Throughout our lifetime, we take up several insurance coverages besides auto insurance, such as health, home, travel, endowment insurance, and so on.

We may or may not take the policies from a single carrier. But, there are benefits to acquiring coverage from a single company.

Bundling insurance policies, commonly known as a multi-policy or multi-line discount, involves purchasing multiple insurance products from the same insurance provider. This often includes bundling auto insurance with other policies such as home, renters, or life insurance.

Insurance providers typically offer discounts when you bundle multiple policies. This can lower the overall insurance costs compared to purchasing each policy separately.

This discount you get can vary but is often a significant percentage of the total premium.

Another benefit of the multi-policy approach is a more streamlined and cohesive coverage package. Policies can be tailored to complement each other, reducing potential gaps or overlaps in coverage.

So, wherever possible, opt for multiple insurance coverage from the same carrier and then ask for better rates.

5.    Increase your deductibles

Lastly, increasing your auto insurance deductibles can lower your insurance rates. A deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay from your pocket before your insurance coverage gets activated to cover a claim.

By opting for a higher deductible, you are taking on a greater share of the financial responsibility in case of a claim.

This means the insurance carrier’s potential payout is reduced. And in return, they may offer you lower premium rates.

GEICO states that “if you choose a high deductible amount, then you’ll likely pay a lower insurance premium.”

By accepting a higher deductible, you can enjoy immediate cost savings on your insurance premiums.

Higher deductibles also encourage responsible behavior. When you’re aware of the increased out-of-pocket expense required to make a claim, you are more cautious on the road and less likely to file claims for minor incidents.

It’s recommended that you start with higher deductibles. If your need changes, you can also reduce your deductible later down the road.

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Get the Best Car Insurance Quotes in RGV, McAllen

In conclusion, getting the best car insurance in McAllen, Texas, is a matter of making a few smart decisions. The above five tips can lower your rates anywhere from 5% to 30%.

For any assistance related to car insurance in McAllen and to get the best car insurance quotes, contact us today.

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