Home Insurance Tips for Border Town and Rio Grande Valley Living

Home Insurance Tips for Border Town and Rio Grande Valley Living


Home insurance is a valuable way to protect your home and belongings. The best policies are those that take your unique home and circumstances into account. If you live in the Rio Grande Valley, or in a town that borders Mexico, your circumstances make certain considerations important when purchasing your insurance. Here are some of our top tips for finding home insurance in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Add flood insurance

Flooding is one of the most important risks to consider in the RGV and in towns along the Mexican border. Unfortunately, most standard homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. If your home lies within an established flood zone, or has a history of flooding, you may want to purchase an additional flood insurance policy.

These policies are available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You can also find coverage through your insurance agent.

Add windstorm coverage to your policy

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The RGV’s windy climate is also well-known, and poses a potential hazard to your home. Hurricanes and windstorms can quickly damage your property and cost you thousands of dollars to repair if you are not appropriately insured.

Before you commit to a policy, check to see if it covers windstorm damage. If it does not, you may want to consider buying another policy or asking your agent if you can add wind damage protection to your existing policy. Specifically covering this type of damage can prevent costly and stressful repairs in case your home suffers from the area’s high winds.

Buy based on your home’s replacement value

Homes throughout the RGV can vary widely in their value, from the inexpensive homes in the colonias to massive luxury estates in gated communities. In order to purchase a policy that protects your specific residence, purchase a policy based on the replacement value of your home.

The replacement value refers to how much money it would take to completely rebuild your home to its previous size and quality. This value is different from how much your home is worth (It could be more or less). By buying enough coverage to rebuild your space in the event of a complete loss, you have the peace of mind that you can recover from any disaster. Plus, you can more easily find a policy that covers your needs without exceeding your budget.

Purchase coverage for your personal property

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Many of the cities in the RGV carry a higher risk of theft than the national average. In order to recoup any losses should your home be burgled, you should ensure that your RGV home insurance policy includes coverage for the estimated value of your belongings.

As with your home, make sure this insurance covers the replacement value of your things. In addition, consider additional policies or policy riders to protect precious items such as artwork, heirlooms, electronics, and jewelry.

Include liability coverage in your policy

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Your responsibility as a homeowner is to make sure that your property is safe for any guests that enter your home or land. If someone is injured on your property (e.g., Slip and fall, dog bite), you will be responsible for covering their medical bills.

You can protect yourself from serious financial distress due to a guest experiencing an injury on your property by adding liability coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy for your border town home. This coverage will protect you against the financial ramifications if someone is injured on your property and will help you pay for bills such as medical expenses.

Maintain an updated policy

Certain changes to your life can impact your home insurance policy. For example, if you add onto your home, your insurance policy will likely go up in order to keep up with the increased value of your space. If you get an expensive piece of jewelry, you may need to add it to your policy. If you adopt certain breeds of dogs, you may see your rates go up.

In order to make sure that you have comprehensive coverage for your home, it is important to keep your policy updated. Inform your agent of any updates or changes to your life, particularly major additions or subtractions from your family, your property, and your belongings. Even getting married can influence your rates, so keep your agent apprised as soon as possible so you never end up without coverage you need.

At SafeGuard Insurance Agency, we are happy to support your quest for a home insurance policy in the RGV. Our dedicated agents work with you to identify your needs and locate policies that fit your life and your budget. Trust us to guide you toward the options that achieve the value, and the cost, that you desire for your home.

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